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Standard and Self Check-in Luggage Tags - Ground Operations Stationery - Inflight Supplies

Mission Statement

At EireAvia we are totally committed to driving the decarbonisation agenda within the airline industry, we have a comprehensive approach aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. With our green Self Check in Luggage Tag being at the forefront, cost effective and assisting in reducing fuel burn which is essential for addressing the challenges posed by climate change and ensuring a cleaner and healthier planet.

CO2 Calculator

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CO2 Saving



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Based on



Based on 4,064,000.00m² of labels. This would have required in weight an additional 264,160.00kgs of Self

How it works

The intention is to show the reduction in CO2 emissions when comparing linerless to similar sized selfadhesive labels.

EireAvia researched how much CO2 is emitted when manufacturing a tonne of backing liner for selfadhesive labels. A total of 2,200kgs of CO2 per tonne is emitted to produce 1,000kgs of liner paper (source:
AWA and Avery Dennison)

(The CO2 calculator should be treated as a guide only, showing potential savings).

Fuel Burn Reductions